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Andrea is an artist who lives and breathes to show others that there is beauty where most people forget to look and can’t help but surrender to "the flicker" of starting a new piece when she hasn’t created anything for a while. Her faithful furry companions, Pudgy Taquito Mittens and Kitty are always the first to lend a critical eye to Andrea’s work 

At only four years old, she realized that an artist had the power to transform the world at will whenever reality failed to provide. She stumbled upon this discovery quite accidentally, when she painted the petals of the white flowers she had brought for her mother to match the colors of the kitchen.

The love for pastel colors has stuck with her ever since, and when she is not admiring the works of James Jean, Arthur Rackham, William Adolphe Bouguereau or Alexander McQueen, she likes to explore the bond between women and animals and to attempt to capture the ever-lasting mystery that is femininity.

Andrea was born in Venezuela, but has dedicated herself to the pursuit of the arts in the US from the age of 17. She holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in animation and a Master’s degree in Illustration.

Andrea’s work frequently features angelic seraphic feminine figures with long, flowing hair, which seem to have been caught in an intimate moment the viewer was not supposed to ever witness. With an emphasis on companionship, trust and innocence, she tries to study the special bond that can exist between women and animals and turn its enigma into an expressible thought. Sometimes, her journey of revealing the beauty of nature leads her through enchanted forests, while other times, it is best continued through an artistic nude. No matter the theme of the piece, the “Awww(e)” factor should be transparent and convey an eerie kind of beauty.